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Certificate of Registration

Certificate of Registration

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Our Governing Body
Responsibilities of Governing Body:
  • To take necessary steps for the implementation of all the programs and policies drawn by the general body.
  • To pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirements of the society.
  • To take decision on applications for membership.
  • To appoint committee for disposal of any business of the society or for advice in any matter pertaining to the society.
  • To arrange, finance if required from other banks(s), Institution or individual on reasonable terms and conditions and the governing body as a whole is liable for its return.
  • To appoint sub-committee(s) and nominate the members of the managing committee of the school.
  • To appoint terminate and fix duties of any staff.
  • To receive, to have custody of and to expand the funds of the society and to manage the properties of the society.
  • To sue and defend all legal-proceedings on behalf of the society.
  • To take all such other legal steps which may appear beneficial for the smooth and better management of the society.


The following is the present structure of the Governing Body:-

S.No. Name of the Candidate Designation Photo
1. Mr. Kanwal Kumar Bali Chairman
2. Mr. Chandar Kumar Vajpayee........................... Founder-President...............................
3. Mr. Ishwar Chand Vice-President
4. Mr. Surender Kumar Gen. Secretary
5. Mr. Harkesh Kumar Secretary
6. Mr. Subod Tyagi Joint-Secretary
7. Mr. Sanjay Jain Treasurer




8. Mr. Vijay Bahadur Shukla Propaganda Secretary




9. Mr. Pushkar Walia Chief Law Advisor




10. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia Chief Executive Member
11. Mr. Ramesh Pahwa Executive Member
12. Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal Executive Member
13. Mr. Manish Jain Executive Member
14. Mr. Sourabh Jain Executive Member
15. Mr. Deshraj Malhotra Special Supporter

16. Mr. Sanjay Batra Supporter
17. Mr. Sundar Supporter
18. Mr. Jagdish Thakral Supporter


1. Mr. Ram Niwas Sharma

President (Om Shri Balaji Sewa Sangtha, Kaparsera)

Established by OSSS